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Valentine’s Day Beauty Ideas

It’s Valentine’s day today, and many of us are already prepping for this special day with our loved ones. Love is in the air, and we shall never forget to put more attention on our hair and make up. For dates, one shouldn’t be too over the top with make up and hair. Natural beauty shines through and we should stick to simple looks. Here are some beauty ideas that we should take into consideration.


1. Alluring Lashes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. In order to put more focus on the beauty of your eyes, apply two coats of mascara for that doe-eyed, flirty effect. Keep your eye make up to a minimum. Guys prefer to have your natural beauty shine through. So unless you are going to some important event, just apply a little bit of shimmer on your lids.

2. Smooth Lips

It’s important to exfoliate your lips. You have to prepare your pucker for that inevitable kiss. Give your lips some exfoliation by applying some petroleum jelly on them. Use a clean, damp towel and gently rub your lips to remove the dead skin. Apply lip balm before putting on your favorite lippie.

3. Prep Your Skin

Before putting on your make up, prep your skin by putting on a hydrating sheet mask. This will give your skin a fresh burst of moisture which will make it more supple. This will make your skin oh-so gorgeous. Having good skin means that you can put on less make up. Guys will definitely take note of your simple yet beautiful face.

4. Let Your Hair Down

If you want to make a good impression, it is recommended that you should wash your hair. Guys would want to run their fingers in them so you need to let go of complex hairdo’s and just let them loose and avoid the hairspray.

5. Put on Your Signature Scent

Apply your favorite perfume and apply them on certain pulse points. Spritz them on your wrist, behind your ears, behind your knees, and the hollow of your neck. For perfume, apply only two drops. For eau de parfum, apply three drops, and lastly, for eau de toilette, apply four hits. Your sense of smell desensitizes over time, so don’t put on too much. You wouldn’t want to become a human air freshener because it can be too overpowering.

6. Keep It Simple

Don’t pack on a ton of foundation. Instead, opt for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. A simple make up will make hearts melt. Also opt for cream blush because it gives a more natural flush.

7. Have The Smoothest Skin Ever

Shave your legs using a really good razor. In the shower or bath, wait for a few minutes to soften your hair and use a shaving cream so that everything will be smooth sailing. Make sure that you have exfoliated your skin before shaving because it makes it easier to remove the hair.

Beauty Tips For a Working Gal

After reading an article in Allure asking readers how much makeup is too much for work and agreeing to sponsor a professional image seminar for young graduates at Pepperdine, I started to raise my own questions. Can the corporate and beauty worlds peacefully coexist or will one always be fighting against the other?

In my world both beauty and work can peacefully coexist. But there are certain boundaries that should never be crossed (i.e. donning the smokey eye at work and red lipstick at the same time).

After careful consideration I’ve outlined five beauty tips to carry with you everyday on your way to work.

1. Always look in the mirror before leaving home

You’ve seen those women. The ones who have royal blue eye shadow, cotton candy pink cheeks, and over-the-top red lips. And you wonder, “How could they leave the house looking like that?” This is why it’s crucial to give yourself a once-over before parading out the door each morning. While you’re giving yourself a glance make sure to ask yourself, “If the CEO were to walk into my office today, would I look presentable?”

2. Pick one area and stick to it

Just like we mentioned in tip number one sometimes you can get carried away with too many distracting looks at once. Bright lips? That’s okay. Blue eyeshadow? Forgivable. Very pink cheeks? We’ll let it slide. But not all at once ladies! The key is everything in moderation!

3. The less the perfume, the better

Nowadays people are allergic to just about everything. That includes your perfume too! Instead of spraying on a strong scent and enduring passive-aggressive glares and sneezes all day, opt for a solid perfume. Rub a small amount on your wrists and neck and it’ll stick all day without being too obtrusive to your neighbors. Try Fracas Parfum Solid to start.

4. Look Yourself

There’s a time and a place for fuchsia nails and glitter eye shadow. Work is not one of those places to try out new beauty trends. While you may be tempted to dabble in the latest and greatest of beauty trends, remember to keep it simple and look yourself at work. Keep your ‘after-five’ look to weeknight cocktails and Saturday evenings out on town.

5. Don’t Go Bare

Wearing too much makeup is just as unprofessional as wearing absolutely none. It doesn’t send a good message to coworkers and superiors if you roll out of bed sans makeup one day and are all gussied up the next morning. Be consistent, look your best and put your best face forward!

Beautiful and Pleasure Perfumes

When we talk of Estee Lauder, the first thing that comes to our minds is simplicity and elegance. Estee Lauder was the co-founder of Estee Lauder Companies. She started the company with her husband Joseph Lauder in 1946. Josephine Esther Mentzer was born on July 1, 1906, in Corona, Queens, New York. She was the only woman who featured in the Time magazine’s list of influential business geniuses of the 20th century. This speaks a lot of her success in the fashion industry.

Estee Lauder has 56 perfumes under its brand. The first perfume was released in 1953 called the Youth-Dew for women. This perfume is still available on the Estee Lauder website or other perfume websites online. This perfume has been well accepted even today because of its sensuous fragrance that brings out the sensual side of the woman. Also this fragrance is amazingly long-lasting. Even though it is a strong perfume, it’s also quite pleasant which rightly represents elegance and sexiness at the same time.

Another great Estee Lauder perfume released in 1969 is the Azuree Pure for women. It is said that Mrs. Estee Lauder created this perfume as she enjoyed the beauty of the Mediterranean. This perfume has the fresh fragrance of basil, jasmine, rose, moss and amber. It’s a original Estee Lauder creation which showcases her creativity and talent in the field of perfumes.

Estee Lauder launched Beautiful perfume which is a floral fragrance, in 1986. This perfume has the fragrance of a romantic bouquet of a thousand flowers combined with citrus and woody scents. This is the kind of fragrance that will make you smell elegant and feminine. Beautiful have many latest versions which have been released in the recent years. They include Beautiful Love, Beautiful Precious Drops, Beautiful Sheer and the latest release of 2009 is Beautiful Spring Veil. This is a kind of fragrance that can never be labeled as old-fashioned. It’s a classic!

The Beautiful series has always been the top selling perfumes for over four decades. Although the recent Beautiful perfumes are very light and much softer than the original, it still carries the essence of the original Beautiful perfume. These fragrances are great for special occasions as well as everyday wear.

Pleasures perfume was launched in 1996 which was designed to suit every woman at every moment. It reflects the desires of modern women to experience life’s little pleasures. It has a love floral scent of peony, lily, and baie rose, jasmine and karo karounde. Later in 2006 Pleasures Gwyneth Paltrow limited edition was launched to rejuvenate the original fragrance of Pleasures. This perfume had great success as it was endorsed by one of the most well-known actresses of that time.

Natural Skin Care

Petrochemicals come from the petroleum industry and it is best to avoid these potentially harmful ingredients in your health and beauty regime for the reasons outlined below.

Some of the petrochemicals used in health and beauty products include benzene, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol and propylene glycol. These chemicals can cause skin irritation, and propylene glycol in particular may cause contact dermatitis.

Ethanol is usually used to dilute liquids, or as a fat solvent in lotions and oils. This petrochemical allows liquids to flow more easily, but when it is used in conjunction with nitrates, they may be carcinogenic.

Isopropyl alcohol is found in many hair color products, body lotions and perfumes in particular, but its use is also common in anti-freeze, which gives you an idea of how unhealthy it is. It can cause headaches and nausea. It also affects your skin by causing it to dry out and age more rapidly than it otherwise would.

Phtalates are used in hairsprays, lipstick and nail varnish, to make them long-lasting and flexible. These may not be listed on your labels, since they can be hidden under the term “parfum”. These chemicals have been shown to be linked to decreased fertility.

DEA and TEA are alcohol derivatives that are used as wetting agents and emulsifiers. They are used in lotions for softening skin, as emollients, and as humectants in other products for personal care. The problem here is that when they are combined with any ingredients that act as nitrosating agents, they have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Mineral oil is found in products like body and bath oils, and baby oil. But it is derived from crude oil, and while it may leave your skin initially smooth, it actually hinders your skin’s ability to breathe, and it traps toxins in your skin. This may exacerbate existing skin problems like eczema.

Sodium lauryl sulphate, also called SLS, is actually a detergent that is used as a forming agent and is used in shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths and toothpastes. This is a product that can cause irritation to your skin, eyes and scalp.

The best ways to avoid these agents in your health and beauty products is to read the labels carefully and select products that do not contain these ingredients. Purchasing organic and natural beauty products will help you to limit your skin’s exposure to petrochemicals. However it is worth taking note that not all natural and organic beauty products are equal. An item that has as little as 10% may advertise itself as natural or organic, so selecting those with organic certification will offer you some peace of mind.

Beauty Enhancers With a Subtle Touch of Fragrance

It is a well known fact that nature bestows beauty upon its creations in an innately uncomplicated way. However beauty enhancers like cosmetics and other products have ruled the roost in the cosmetics industry, since ages. A majority of the populace across the globe are lapping up beauty products with an uncanny ease that would take you by surprise. Among the most loved beauty products of all time, is the Perfume.

Ever imagined food without aroma or household products lacking the fragrance which almost justify their purpose? What would a bathing soap smell like without the characteristic perfume? Would you like to use a floor cleaner devoid of any fragrance? You can well imagine the importance of fragrance when it concerns self grooming.

Perfume therefore has become an integral part of our lives and its origin according to research dates back to 1000BC when the Egyptians incorporated it into their culture. This was followed by the Chinese, Hindus, Carthaginians, Arabs, Greeks, and Romans.

Depending on the composition of fragrances, they are classified as

  • Perfume
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Eau de Cologne

The costliest form of fragrance is perfume, with 22% of essential oils and the least expensive is the Eau de Cologne with a meager 4% of essential oils.

Perfumes not only constitute the beauty enhancing component but have been used as an accessory, a mood enhancer and its therapeutic utility dates back to the twentieth century. Aroma therapy has since emerged as a new age healing technology.

The most famous luxury brands of fragrances are Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein, Eau De Cartier and Nina Ricci. If you are looking for affordable brands then perfumes/deodorants from Nike, Adidas, Revlon, Omani, Jovan Musk and certain fragrances endorsed by stars are a must have. Perfumes and deodorants endorsed by celebrities are in vogue especially among the youth.

In the Indian market, the highly affordable deodorants have an edge over perfumes, due to novelty, better consumption, changing trends, affordability and diverse branding that is innate to cost effective perfumes. Perfumes are indeed accessories that speak volumes about a person’s tastes. Lately it has become a criterion for the assessment of an individual’s style quotient.

You may procure the perfume of your choice at a physical store. But e-shopping is certainly the most convenient and sought after process for procuring commodities. A shopper gets to see a wide array of perfumes, deodorants and cologne sprays, all within the same site. The collection ranges from customary, regular wear perfumes, to exotic designer perfumes, you name it and you are bound to find it here. Apart from buying these exotic fragrances for self, one could also procure them as gifts for several occasions.