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Most Common Skin Conditions that a Number of Pregnant Women Experience
An expectant women goes through so many changes within her body. This happens most especially when your moods keep changing from time to time.
Your body changes because it will be working to support two beings at the same time which will result to hormonal changes. In this way, your body will be working trying to solve the problems that it has created so far.
It is important that you pay close attention to how you feel at all times and the way you look because this determines the health in you and on your mind. There are some women who will choose to remain at home during the entire nine months when they are pregnant because they get worried about the changes that happen to their kin making them have a different and rough skin. Your skin will change the way it looks when you are pregnant because your body will have a lot going on. You tend to be irritated so easily and due to the itch, the whole of your body becomes affected. One of the most common skincare problems that a number of pregnant women go through every time is acne.
It is so obvious that during the first six months of your pregnancy the hormone in your body known as androgen will increase rapidly. The presence of androgen within your body is the reason for swellings that occur in your skin. The hormone leads to the production of sebum by your skin which protects your body and lubricates your skin.
The production of more sebum by your skin will result to it catching dirt on the surface of the skin. When the dirt on your skin dries up, the skin will result to having a bacterial reaction which causes acne to develop.
So as to deal with this kind of problem, you are required to break up the mixture of dirt and sebum on your skin.
The combination of cider, vinegar and also honey is a great way to break the dirt and the sebum before you can clean up your skin. You can apply the mask and leave it on for as long as one minute then clean your skin up. It is important to be consistent in this practice for as long as it takes so that you can be assured of a better look.
Eczema turmoil is another skincare condition that most pregnant women experience during the three trimesters. It is important that you consume a lot of liquid so that you and your baby can stay in great shape. Sudden changes in temperature and also touch make your skin to be very sensitive. You should therefore consider putting on things that will ensure that you stay comfortable at all times.
Applying these moisturizers on your body regularly ensures that you remain comfortable during the nine months.
You should protect your skin when you are pregnant because it is very prone to getting infections. Ensure that you are hydrated by drinking enough water and stay healthy.