Learn More About Employee Drug Screening From QuickFix Ultrapure

Workplace drug testing is quickly becoming a commonplace procedure; in fact, some companies drug test both job applicants and current employees. While questions regarding employee rights to privacy abound, there is no legal framework in place for refusing workplace drug testing without running the risk of losing the job. Below are a few tips for those who smoke marijuana and are looking to pass their tests with flying colors without having to worry about taking a month off from smoking.

Masking the Dilution

While it is possible to dilute urine in order to test negative for marijuana by simply drinking a lot of water before heading in for the test, many workplace drug testing facilities are on the lookout for signs of overhydration. The solution is simple, though. Consume some creatine or Vitamin B in order to restore normal color to the sample to better mask the fact that it has been diluted.

Drug Screening Products

There are plenty of products out there that claim to be the perfect solution for hiding traces of THC in urine. Unfortunately, not all of them actually work. Be sure to do some research prior to purchasing these expensive products by checking out some online reviews and trying to get an idea of how the products actually work in order to determine whether or not they’re worth the money.

Tampering With Samples

Ethical concerns aside, urine testing does offer employees and job applicants a larger window of opportunity to switch out their samples in order to ensure that they will pass their screening tests. Samples can be taken from another donor who does not use marijuana, or those undergoing the test can simply purchase synthetic urine online. Keep in mind, however, that this is a very high-risk solution that should not be taken lightly; getting caught can lead to serious ramifications.

Home Drug Tests

Those who choose to detox prior to their drug tests may want to purchase an at-home testing kit prior to heading in to take the real test. This allows job applicants and employees to be certain that they’ll pass with flying colors and all of their hard work going through detox won’t go to waste. Check out QuickFix Ultrapure to learn more about different forms of drug testing and how to beat them.